The South Side Of The World

The Bible Belt is baffling to me, but then again, so is the South in a nutshell. Is it because I'm from the Midwest, where it's acceptable to go shopping in your sweats? From California, where same-sex marriage has just been legalized? Either way, I don't think I've ever got the South outside movies like Sweet Home Alabama and Gone With The Wind.

Which makes it particularly Ironic that I'm going to be in Nashville for the next two weeks. Life's different down here: case in point, the oncologist who I came to shadow. She practiced for a while in LA before coming here. By her account, she goes to work at 9am in both cities, gets off work at 5pm in both. Except she saw thirty patients a day in LA and only about ten here. It took her the longest time to figure out why, but in the end, it's all in the efficiency. In LA, the visits went like this:
Patient: I am experiencing pain.
Doctor: Here's your Vicodin, next.

In Nashville, however:
Patient: Let me tell you about my sick donkey.
Doctor: OKAY.

My oncologist is a rather impatient, ambitious woman, so suffice it to say it took her a while to adjust. I think it's rather charming that she talks about tomato crops now. I'm liking the relaxed atmosphere, since it's summer and it should be like this everywhere: 80+ °F weather, rolling hills, swimming pools and tastefully parceled groves of trees.